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    Track update Nov 26 2012

    By Richard Schutte Nov 26 2012

    Its November 26 and ground work has concluded for this year. I thank those who have dropped off clean fill to replace the muskeg that covers most of the site. This gives us a good base when we start construction. Approximatley 20% to 25% of the total base fill has been acquired. This base will be covered with finishing gravel as we get closer to completion. Thanks again to those who have brought their excess fill to the site. Fill from Nadine construction, Taranis consruction as well as All Trades, Pete's Backhoe Services, and several others is much appreciated. As always, Kevin Montieth has been exceptionally supportive, supplying equipment and services.

    This winter we will focus on clearing the remainder of the southerly 16 acres of the site that we are developing. The remaining 16 acres will remain undeveloped.

    Another issue is the call for a meeting of racers and supporters. There is a lot of interest, however, it is prudent to point out that there have been several groups involved with racing in the past who have done an admirable job supporting the racers. However after several years of inactivity, possibly the direction should be reviewed. The mandate of some of these groups over time developed into a promotion and track operation role rather than being dedicated to support activities. They appeared to operate as close knit  social groups but there was little transparency or accountability.  I was unsuccessful in my attempt to get their list of current directors or to utilize the shell corporations for this project.

    We need to do this right for the sustainability of local racing.  This whole issue of direction is extremely important and the concept remains under development.

    I am proprosing a volunteer group under a new  "not- for- profit Corporation" which would work seamlessly with THUNDER VALLEY DEVELOPMENT. This new corporation will be suppplied insurance coverage, saftey training, and provide structure to the group.

    We propose being transparent in the finances and minutes of this new non profit corporation. There is more to be done on this initiative.

    I believe the focus of a new group should be the augmentation of the thing that racers need most; financial support at the race level.


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