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    TRACK ACTIVITY UPDATE - June 12th, 2012

    TRACK ACTIVITY UPDATE                                    Richard Schutte



    It’s June 12th and the water has receded at the track site to the point where the geese and ducks have almost abandoned the area. There are still a couple of inches to a foot of water in some areas. We have purchased an older excavator to help remove the top soil and dig some drainage ditches. We hope to start removing and stock piling topsoil in preparation for the incoming fill which needs to be trucked in.  Please keep in mind that we desperately need clean fill for this project to proceed and be successful. We also found that the driveway into the site will have to be raised to accommodate the spring run off. It was actually under water this spring.


    In preparation for our race desk concept, video taping of races in Wisconsin has started; focusing on Thunder Bay drivers and cars to keep up the interest locally. I talked to Crash Carlson, the promoter at the Amsoil track in Superior and he sounds interested in the possibility of promoting activity at his track. I asked him about a good location for the camera. He said the best location would be the roof, however it is off limits. I was pleasantly surprised to hear he was still active in racing; I raced against Crash in the seventies. He also promotes the Proctor track.


    Conversations with racers regarding interviews at our race desk are ongoing. At this point both Shawn Polonoski and Dan Tocheri are interested in participating. Pit location interviews will be our next focus.


    A meeting with racers, crews and clubs is being planned. The only consideration is that we have enough content to keep the meeting flowing. An agenda is being prepared with a possible meeting location at the West Arthur Community Centre. If you would like to place anything on the agenda please call or Email me using the “contact us” area on this site.


    I have to apologise to all those who have Emailed me through the site requesting various types of information. With the volume of mail, combined with the flood disaster, I have not found the time to respond, but please do not let this deter you, your correspondence is important and we will be more timely in the future.



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