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     May 5, 2015



    Thunder Valley Development is pleased to announce changes to their ownership structure that will allow the company to move forward with the site preparation and race track build on Highway 130 (old Arthur Street) near Twin City Crossroads.


    As of September 2014 Richard Schutte acquired 100 percent of the shares of the Corporation and will actively seek out new investors. This is exciting news for those who have been waiting for track development to move forward.


    “Since the spring of 2011 when we announced the purchase of the property, we have received unbelievable support from many contractors and independent truckers,” Schutte said. “We had originally believed that the black topsoil that covers much of the thirty two acre site had value that could be exchanged for more stable soil and fill” he added. “This has not proven to be the case, and to date the entire amount of fill trucked into the race track location has come from contractors and individuals who had clean surplus material to dispose of.” Schutte also advised that progress is now at a tipping point with 50% of the area that is needed for the track operation completed.


    “Fans and race car drivers and crews have expressed some frustration due to a lack of action in 2014 on this project. However after nearly three and a half years and a substantial investment, the magnitude of this project is well understood and I am steadfast in seeing it through to completion.” Richard declared. “Whether this site will host current or next generation racers will depend on the involvement of the race community, but we will be racing on this site in the future.” He added.


    The success last fall of the invitational at Mosquito speedway has reaffirmed Schutte’s confidence in the viability of local racing.


    Thunder Valley Development has received many offers of assistance from a variety of interested fans and supporters.  “Now is the right time to accept those offers and move the process forward” Schutte confirmed, and added “until such time as we have solidified our direction, we have set up an interactive forum and Twitter feed through to discuss racing and track issues with car owners, drivers and fans.”


    The Schutte family is active in several business ventures in Thunder Bay including the Dairy Queen Restaurants, Property Management, Security and home automation, Vehicle Tracking service and several other areas of interest.


     Race tourism is a recognized asset in many communities and brings an influx of spending to the race track communities. Although race teams may travel to our track from various North-Western Ontario and Manitoba locations, there is considerable interest south of the border.      


    For further information contact Richard Schutte at 807 345 8551 or through our website







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